This what i learnt in a creative writing self help class :)
You have to write your autobiography, well not the entire thing but the contents page i.e the title of the book and the title of the chapters with a small description!!! This is mine

Role Play

  1. The search (this is where im today and looking for my being ...trying to find answers of who m i??? what am i??)
  2. Tears in heaven lost in smoke (this is my birth ...because I was told that it was raining very heavily)
  3. Tailored to fit( when i lost my mom and i tried to fit into her shoes .age -10)
  4. Finding alternatives ( Finding people I love and admire in school)
  5. Hammer and chisel( my college experiences changing me moulding me etc etc)
  6. Une soir près de la gare (this is where i met one of my closest friends )
  7. Mirrored room ( When 1 of my closest friends left India[NE] and I kind of grew apart from another friend [AnSh] )
  8. Dawn and a new day has come (where all my flaws and shortcoming i overcome them)
  9. Same life , Different me( where i have embraced myself and continuously am reappraising the situation and be more positive)
  10. Rocky start, winds blow but smooth sailing( now i expect life not to change there still will be problems but i have changed)
well I'm somewhere between 7&8 and also going through 5 ........i'm eager to know your autobiographies!!! if you cant make it till 10 chapters then you got to imagine how life is going to be!!!

FYI : This post was written a long time ago by me...I have just reposted it with minor changes..

Also....I have realised that Mr.Hypocrite is not really a hypocrite :) He doesn't really have double standards...But I shall still call him that for a matter of convenience

Mr. Hypocrite

This poetry is dedicated to a very special friend of mine..He'll know that I'm talking about him :) (Atleast I think he'll)

This is one of most childish poetries and is the first time its about a specific person ....So Mr.Hypocrite..This is for YOU..

Who knew that when we met one day,
That such a special bond would evolve,
Though our history is short,
I feel like I have known forever.

We almost never agree, you could say we are poles apart,
But thats what gives it a special place in my heart.

Circumstances have separated us,
I can't forget the time spent on the phone,
Thinking not to call but yet unable to suppress
the unexplainable urge to talk and share.

You say I ask too many questions,
A thing I have never been told.
I think you are a hypocrite, but
You are friend of gold.

So I sign off from here hoping things never change,
And our relationship remains the same- special and strange.

Moonset and the sunrise

Today was just like any other day.I left for college at around 7 Am and as i walked a bit to get a rick(My mode of transport till the station) , I saw the full moon looking back at me.It was so beautiful so big and round...and so yellow :) It was cold and chilly just like I like it and the moon just made it so special.While I stared at the moon , i realised I was late and ran to get the rick...Then I was in train and listening to some soulful music(love it in the mornings) and all of sudden, I got a glimpse of the sun rising...The big orange ball of fire peeping at me from behind the trees... :)

Whenever I see something like this and If I'm alone I get thinking....It was kind of similar to my life right now...A moon has set , the night has ended...The dawn is here and hopefully here to stay...The night changes to day and day to night and as i have said a million times before THINGS CHANGE :)

Yeah they do...I can finally feel the hurt and the sadness leaving me...I dont feel like Im in denial anymore ....I can be myself again...And thats a great feeling..

There are so many people who have listened to me grumble and complain and helped me get over this...This is a big THANK YOU for all of them..Love you guys soooo much....MUAH

Mumbai Marathon

Why do drugs when you can be a part of the Mumbai Marathon?

I just modified a quote i read in the newspapers about the Marathon.Well it was yesterday and I was a part of it.I was volunteering for it and it was great fun.Excepting my legs, I feel GREAT.I go to the same place every single day but yesterday EVERYTHING was different. The spirit, the colours, the people , the number of people at 5AM everything was different.It was so AMAZING.Well that was the event part of it, what also amazed me was how quickly we all (Team) got to know each other.We all didnt know (barring some) each other, but we got along very well and I think most of us became good friends. I think I can some becoming "more than good " friends too...AHEM AHEM...

So things that I proud of doing at the Marathon :
1. Made no mistakes .... :)
2. Spoke on a walkie talkie.
3. Introduced potential couples.... :o
4. Interacted with Indian athletes and saw the hardwork that goes into their work and yet they dont get proper recognition ....Sad...
5. Realised I can do well with just 1 hr of sleep :)

All in all it was a great experience.And a little better than last time.Cant wait for it next year....

Feeling better

Long time no post....Yeah i know...I go through these phases...Hopefully the phase is over for now.

I have been having loads of mood swings these days.Im happy for sometime and then suddenly i feel sad.Its damn weird.Its not like I havent been like this before, but this time it is different because the time period between these mood swings is really small....EEKS...Time to be done with it..

Since yesterday though, I have been in a REALLY nice mood. I had class (I teach at Pankhudi, a NGO just in case you didnt know...I'll tell you all about it another day) and there I had 2 friends of mine- Sarah and Govinda(An Aussie and another a Texan girl) who came to class. They loved it and then we went to have chai or as they call tea with milk ;) We spoke a lot and though I have known these girls for very little time I felt nice bonding.All the things that i have been feeling over these weeks just seem to fade away.All my inhibitions , all my sadness , all my discomfort vanished into thin air.Was it them? Was it me? Was it the situation ? I dont know.
But maybe I'll find out today.I have another girl's night in planned...:)

Another thing....Tomorrow is the MUMBAI MARATHON. Just like last year this year too, Im going to volunteer.Last year was great fun and I hope this year will be the same :)

Enough for now...Got to get ready to go for a meeting (pre-marathon team meeting) and get geared for tomorrow.Im so EXCITED....Happy weekend....Have fun... :)