This what i learnt in a creative writing self help class :)
You have to write your autobiography, well not the entire thing but the contents page i.e the title of the book and the title of the chapters with a small description!!! This is mine

Role Play

  1. The search (this is where im today and looking for my being ...trying to find answers of who m i??? what am i??)
  2. Tears in heaven lost in smoke (this is my birth ...because I was told that it was raining very heavily)
  3. Tailored to fit( when i lost my mom and i tried to fit into her shoes .age -10)
  4. Finding alternatives ( Finding people I love and admire in school)
  5. Hammer and chisel( my college experiences changing me moulding me etc etc)
  6. Une soir près de la gare (this is where i met one of my closest friends )
  7. Mirrored room ( When 1 of my closest friends left India[NE] and I kind of grew apart from another friend [AnSh] )
  8. Dawn and a new day has come (where all my flaws and shortcoming i overcome them)
  9. Same life , Different me( where i have embraced myself and continuously am reappraising the situation and be more positive)
  10. Rocky start, winds blow but smooth sailing( now i expect life not to change there still will be problems but i have changed)
well I'm somewhere between 7&8 and also going through 5 ........i'm eager to know your autobiographies!!! if you cant make it till 10 chapters then you got to imagine how life is going to be!!!

FYI : This post was written a long time ago by me...I have just reposted it with minor changes..

Also....I have realised that Mr.Hypocrite is not really a hypocrite :) He doesn't really have double standards...But I shall still call him that for a matter of convenience



29 January 2008 at 20:18

gr8 subject for a post.. think i ll blog on this same topic in some time... wish me luck...


29 January 2008 at 20:27

yeahh......good subject :)
though, it might take me time to write something on that....waiting for a detailed auto-biography ;)


30 January 2008 at 13:36

My blog's title is literally my autobiography

nevertheless an interesting concept, will have to write about it someday


30 January 2008 at 20:11

nice idea... maybe u get really famous someday n this piece of work gets published!!! So keep on updating it! hehe!


30 January 2008 at 21:42

kinda loosely held togther.....but brilliant effort though...cheers


1 February 2008 at 00:36

nice idea (ya i know everyone else has said that)

nice post... and nice chapter titles, i always seem to struggle with mine, maybe i should come to you for help.

btw... i have a feeling it'd be nicer if you'd left the stuff thats still to come out.... or put it separately in a things id like to write header


1 February 2008 at 00:38

hahaha i said nice 4 times in that... no im not a freak.... it was supposed to be sarcastic when i was talkin to someone online and its stuck

sorry bout that

  C R D

1 February 2008 at 13:27

hey nice post. though i must admit i got lost in the english lit stuff [:P]

keep writing


1 February 2008 at 22:36

hey first thanks for your comments on my art blog .... happy that u liked it soo much. now well i never tht one could explain ones life in ssoooo simple pointers..amazing i will try to do the same thanks for the idea .... enjoyed ur post ... n thanks aagain


3 February 2008 at 11:00

hey such a nice post! liked d topic n ur selection of chapter titles was grt!

kinda inspired me to write a similar post :)

hope u quickly move to 8!
wishes :)


3 February 2008 at 19:29

Une soir près de la gare =an evening near the station

the post is actually a template for all, to benchmark their present phase in life,a cool one at that..
can't stop people from feeling if only life is as formatted and cut-out like that..