Feeling better

Long time no post....Yeah i know...I go through these phases...Hopefully the phase is over for now.

I have been having loads of mood swings these days.Im happy for sometime and then suddenly i feel sad.Its damn weird.Its not like I havent been like this before, but this time it is different because the time period between these mood swings is really small....EEKS...Time to be done with it..

Since yesterday though, I have been in a REALLY nice mood. I had class (I teach at Pankhudi, a NGO just in case you didnt know...I'll tell you all about it another day) and there I had 2 friends of mine- Sarah and Govinda(An Aussie and another a Texan girl) who came to class. They loved it and then we went to have chai or as they call tea with milk ;) We spoke a lot and though I have known these girls for very little time I felt nice bonding.All the things that i have been feeling over these weeks just seem to fade away.All my inhibitions , all my sadness , all my discomfort vanished into thin air.Was it them? Was it me? Was it the situation ? I dont know.
But maybe I'll find out today.I have another girl's night in planned...:)

Another thing....Tomorrow is the MUMBAI MARATHON. Just like last year this year too, Im going to volunteer.Last year was great fun and I hope this year will be the same :)

Enough for now...Got to get ready to go for a meeting (pre-marathon team meeting) and get geared for tomorrow.Im so EXCITED....Happy weekend....Have fun... :)



19 January 2008 at 12:53

This post seems to me as a prelude to next two posts - Your experience in the NGO, and Mumbai Marathon.

Waiting for them.

Another point, your blog doesn't allow non-blogger comments. I guess you must be loosing many comments due to this limitation.


19 January 2008 at 13:56

Corrected that :)


7 March 2009 at 04:40

Thanks for sharing with me ... I like being here as much!!

Now, wanted to ask you to listen to a song, but then, your laptop does not speak these days ... Once it does, you can see this song from MLTR ... Hope you like it ...

Have a wonderful life ahead!!
Take care and be happy always :)