Une belle historie (TAG)

This post is a tag all thanks to Pranay

It goes like this:

Put your MP3 player/Media player on shuffle.
For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
You must write the name of the song no matter what.

So let the games (tag) begin..

1. If someone says "Is This Okay?" you say?

U2 with or without you...

Hmmmm I guess that means OK!!

2. What would best describe your personality?

The Temptations - My girl

I dont think many people know this song...but its a complete Im a Daddy's girl kinda song which I'm so...

3. What do u like in a guy/girl?

Kiss Kiss - Holly Valence

(No comments **Blush**)

4. How do u feel today?

Kiss me- Six pence none the richer


5. Whats your life's purpose?

Avril Lavigne - My happy ending

Hmmm Dont we all aim for just that..

6. What is your motto?

Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

Yeah Baby , Paint it all BLACK

7. What do your friends think of you?
Lionel Richie- Angel


8. What do u think of your parents?

Celine Dion - Because you Loved me

Totally believe in the lyrics of this song and yeah its dedicated to my parents

9. What do u think about very often?

Plain White Ts - Hey there Delilah

Don't you worry about the distance I'm right there if you get lonely. it's what you do to me (thats the lyrics of the song :FYI)

10. What is 2+2??

Coldplay - Yellow

Addition gives us a colour...hehe

11. What do u think of your best friend?

3 Doors Down Here without you

So damn true!!! NEeeee......Just come back!!!

12. What do you think of the person U like?

Celine Dion and Luciano Pavaroti - I love you then I hate you!!

So damn true.!!! I dont what to say!!!

13. What is your life story?

Police - Every Step you take..

So Im gonna be a stalker???

14. What do u want to be when you grow up?

Daniel Powter- You had a bad day

Yeah me going to be the person you are going to come when you have a bad day ie a psychologist!!!

15. What do think when you see the person u like?

U2 - Hold me Thrill me Kiss me

Nothing to say!!!But I would expect at least a hug!!! ;)

16. What do ur parents think of you?

Diana King- I say a prayer for you!


17. What will you dance to at your wedding?

Save the last dance for me - Elvis Presley

Thats nice

18. What will they play at ur funeral?

Evanescence - My Immortal


19. What is your hobby/Interest?

Michael Buble- Sway

So I like to sway???

20. What is your biggest secret?

When you love somebody- Bryan Adams

Dont know how to connect this to the question...Any ideas?

21. What do u think of ur friends?

Aint no mountain high enough (OST : Stepmom)

Yeah people you just cant rid of me!! :D

22. What do u post this as?

Michael Fugain : Une belle histoire ( a beautiful story)

Seriously this was fun!! and it was made even funnier by Vin sitting right next to me...Passing his absolutely wonderfully sarcastic comments!!!:)



20 March 2008 at 18:58

those 'what u like in a guy/girl' and 'ur personality' ones were funny!!!


20 March 2008 at 22:59

wow, i never looked at songs like a part of a conversation, like theyve always been expressive, but this takes them into a sweet new level.. awesome!


20 March 2008 at 23:55



22 March 2008 at 20:29



25 March 2008 at 15:25


i tried it too.. absolutely hilarious!!! :D