As a child, I want to be special,
I wanted life to have something extra.
Maybe, I would grow up to realise
that I was a magician.
Maybe, when I would be 12, 
I would be told of my powers,
My true calling.
As I grew up,I realised,
It made more sense 
To live in this world, the real world.
But somewhere, deep in my heart,
I hoped, I wished.
To leave all this behind. 
And to go somewhere where 
I belonged.
This was temporary, not true.
Maybe Neverland.
Maybe someday, Peter Pan
Would appear and whisk me away.
I hoped.
As I grew, I came to terms.
I came to realise,
I would be special,
I'm special 
In at least some one's life.
Do you know why, then,
It hurts to know,
I'm no more than just one more.


  Comfortably Numb

19 September 2008 at 21:20

And you definitely know that what my aspirations/dreams were when I was growing up and how they underwent a change... :P **my blog**

I know...most probably all of us wanted to live a fairy tale and we wished that life will just be a walk in the park. But then it wouldn't be a life if you can predict and most importantly predict rosy things for your life. I still might disagree a bit over the last line but the the rest of it is too adorable for me to think a LOT about the last line.

And after reading this I would *again* like to say that you definitely need to write more poetry. :D


27 September 2008 at 17:27

hey this poem was awesome. and it is so true! as for how i came across ur blog? it was in my comments. im adding ur blog in my 'followed blogs' list.


28 September 2008 at 18:39

Nice poetry!!
Just the type that I love- short,sweet simple and yet effective, without any heavy punches!
Keep writing!
And thanks for the comment on my blog!
I too wish to write poems more frequently......


5 October 2008 at 14:43

Rash, the poem is good, so far as expressing yourself went, but it made me sad. And i'm sure you know why. If i say it once again, you'll probably roll your eyes and say whats new :P ..

Cynically, i tried to make myself undertsand that "special" can also mean the "special olympics" kind of special. So what if you're not primary in someone's life, at least you're the biggest part of what makes them happy TODAY. Live each day as it comes, strive to better yourself continually in tiny ways, and fuck the "being special". You already are.


9 March 2009 at 20:49

hey thank you so much for sharing this one.. precisely my dreams when I was um..young :)