Suppose that your friend and you are at the beach. Your friend doesn't know how to swim and you do. You see that the sea is a little rough and decide that you shouldn't go into the water..Simply because your friend doesn't know how to swim but still your friend disagrees and goes in. Now, your friend is drowning (Touch wood)..What will you do? Start shouting at your friend for not listening to you? Start dancing on the I-told-you-so tune? Or try to save him?

I know it is probably a very stupid analogy. But then imagine that someone you truly care about didn't take your advice and is now repenting it. As a friend, will you make them feel worse by pointing out their mistake? Trust me, they already feel bad. When some1 comes to you with a problem, please fight the impulse of giving advice or pointing out the obvious.They already know it. Make them feel better. Spread a bit of cheer. Make them feel a little hopeful. You need hope in life and that is all there is to life- HOPE..

Btw, it is proven fact that depressed people are not cynics or pessimists rather there were realists(Yeah, I actually pay attention in my abnormal class ).Being realist is a good thing, I guess. But then when a person is down in the dumps, give them a hand to pull them out and don't show them the reason they are there...


  Comfortably Numb

7 September 2008 at 22:41

I Sooooooooo.......Agree to it!!

The biggest I-told-you-so person: MY MOM!

I wonder how green our country would have been if my mom was in some intelligence agency of India. Or maybe how rich we would have been if she wrote books like Nostradamus.

I wont even try to challenge you on the psychological aspect of this post. Infact I don't need to. Its so true. We really don't have to point out the wrongs in people when they are in deep shit. I think we can make them realize once they are out of it.

No wonder why you are the best. Please teach me some :D



5 December 2008 at 23:14

Now that's a psychology student speaking!