Spirit of Mumbai should be broken

I hate the spirit of Mumbai. I had typed this statement the last time terror struck Mumbai and then, I couldn't find words to explain why. Now I do. I love Mumbai and I'm a hardcore Mumbaikar. But I hate the so called Spirit of Mumbai. It is what makes us get back on our feet everytime we are attacked (It's happening far too often now). I don't know when was the last time that the BSE and NSE declared 'No Trading'. So maybe this time, things will be different. Maybe the spirit of Mumbai will be broken. Don't get me wrong. I want Mumbai to get back on its feet. But not back to normal. I want Mumbai to fight back. I want Mumbai to give a stern reply to all this people. This time I don't want the reply to be 'Let's get back on our feet' No! I want it to be 'Let's give it back to them.' How? I have no idea. But for once, I don't want to lie down, I don't want be trapped in my house, I don't want my parents and friends to wonder if I will make it back home, I don't want to fear!!
Why this is hard-hitting this time rather than the other is because it is so close to home. Cafe Leopold is where I shared a lot of gossip, Colaba Causeway is where I go shopping ,CST station is where I go almost everyday, Metro cinema is where I saw sooo many movies and on this route, where a lot of shooting happened is my college. This is where I could have been, where my friends could have been. All the people who lost their lives were somebody's family, somebody's friends. They were people who had lives, who had dreams.As their dreams are crushed, let the spirit of Mumbai be crushed.
Lighting candles or changing your display pictures (I'm sorry guys but lets face it) isn't going to help. The government is going to see it nor are the future attackers. I'm not going to do anything like this because I don't want to get this burden off my conscience. I have done nothing. And I want it to pinch me till I do something. Does your conscience pinch you?

The nonsense about Spirit of Mumbai and Yeh to hota rahta hai>>> Both these articles are brilliant and what is funny is that they are still relevant even though they were written in July'06.

Edit : When asked what to do B Shantanu said this and I agree : What can we do?


  Da Eternal Rebel

27 November 2008 at 20:58

There is no such thing as the Spirit of Mumbai. Its just the helplessness and desensitization of the Machine, which is Mumbai, - by any other name. All Mumbai needs and should be wanting right now is Revenge for the insult inflicted to it.

On a different note, I wonder where are the self styled stalwarts of "Asmita" since yesterday. Will they launch a Dharmyuddha against Islamic Jehad with the same zeal as they have done earlier to their own country men? I am also waiting for R.R Patil to give the "goli ka jawab goli se". Now maybe he knows what a real terrorist is like.


27 November 2008 at 21:02

For the first time, I think I agree. Mumbai has become a soul-less heartless machine. A machine that is malfunctioning. I hoping this provides it with a jolt that awakens Mumbai....


27 November 2008 at 21:45

yeah. what was the demand of the terrorists? nothing. they just wanted to spread terror. bah attention seekers
what will they do if the media doesnt pay attention to them? if they are just ignored. what iof when they open fire, those who are killed are gone, while others go about their own business. since we have become so heartless, might as well try that.


27 November 2008 at 21:46

its really easy to say Lets fight back but how are you doing this? its not like we can actually be there at the taj or oberoi killing those pieces of shit. just the act of putting up this article and this comment means we're acknowledging the shit thats burning our city. but what do you propose we do? lets say we kill that scum. more of them will come. and still more. and i would gladly kill them all but this isnt going to end there. now the ATS will perform hardcore investigations and that will lead more people to be disgruntled and provide more of these pieces of shit. so how is that fighting back?


27 November 2008 at 22:01

I think u really need to salute the spirit of Mumbai...fine we need to fight back...but there is no real solution to such random terrorism..all wat the govt and world community can do is put pressure on countries who host such ppl and bring them to justice..."we", the common man, can at best help the govt by going about our own business and not get scared...cos when we get scared, we retaliate in unnecessary ways and it just helps the objectives of terrorists, to create havoc in the country


27 November 2008 at 22:36

I'm with you when it comes to fighting back...
we should for sure give it back !!!
in some way or the other ...

  B Shantanu

27 November 2008 at 22:47

@ Rashi: Thanks for the links and although I should be happy that the articles are still relevant 9even after 2 years), actually Ia m quite sad...and very very angry.

Here is a small set of links for you and your readers which Iam sure you will find thought-provoking.






@ Box: This is what we (you, me and the government) can start to do:



28 November 2008 at 00:08

My Thoughts exactly. I completely agree. and someone please shut up our CM's loose talks.


28 November 2008 at 05:15

terrorism showed its ugliest face yesterday and probably for the last time.. I am sure, they will pay a heavy price for the things they have done to unarmed innocent people...


28 November 2008 at 06:20

The ONLY way for the 'Common Man' to fight tooth for tooth would be if he became a terrorist himself. Please get a reality check here.

Since we lack the expertise to attack 'terrorists' ourselves, we have appointed a government, who in turn use taxes to pay & maintain an army, air force and a police force (amongst other things).

Although their work has been commendable in trying times, I feel they can do much better with their intelligence.

Also, India *was* doing so well (except for the global recession), that people are bound to get jealous. But it is not about the 'Spirit of the Mumbaikar' here, we must think and act like Indians and give it back to them in any corner of the country.

  vanilla sky

28 November 2008 at 07:27

Aptly written
Blasts happen, people die.
we hear someone mentioning the undying spirit of the city from the next morning. The numbness with which people greet the news is kind of scary. pitiful as well


28 November 2008 at 09:39

@ Spicymist

You cant not present such news because:
1. They are extremely important to the public. You would like to know if your family is safe and all right?

2. It is their duty to present the happenings.. Whether we like it or not, we do get scared of such things..


28 November 2008 at 09:46

@ Box

I know we can't do anything but sit in our homes when something happens.. Its not the terrorists we need to fight, it is the terror. If this were a one-time attack. All this could have been justified. DO you I'm not angry at the terrorist? They are the only ones doing their job efficiently. The cops too but they lack direction and co-operation just like our politicians who are the worst of the lot.
Our CM has no idea of what is happening and makes all these weird statements which are inconsistent with the "facts"
This incident was a serious lapse of intelligence and my point is to avoid. When attacks like these happen, we as people cant do much but we can definitely make the concerned people make the place a little more secure.. Right?


28 November 2008 at 09:49

@ Nishant

Isnt it we who have chosen these people and said do your jobs. But are we even checking if they are doing it? Forget efficiently and effectively. We like to think we can do nothing about it and forget it and clear our conscience. But there is so much we can do. If we just want to....


28 November 2008 at 09:50

@ Princess

Thanks...Im glad some1 agrees :)


28 November 2008 at 09:54

@ B Shantanu

Thanks a lot. It is funny ( Read: Pathetic and sad) that these are still relevant.

Thanks again for the links..


28 November 2008 at 09:56

@ Oscarism

I dont even know what to say about him...


28 November 2008 at 09:59

@ smile a mile

Unless we change something, this isnt going to be the last time. But what are we changing?


28 November 2008 at 10:03

@ Enkay

That is so not true. B Shantanu has given some links which I have also edited in my post.. Also it is this kinda of attitude that lets us down.. The black or white. Either we become terrorist and terrorise them back (Btw which country is that? These people have no country and no religion.. When they do such things, they have given up the good in them)

We should not think we cant do a thing and sit back. As I said before, it is our duty to see that there arent lapses in intelligence. Once in a while if this happens, it is understood. But well.. Lets count the number of attacks in Mumbai.

  Da Eternal Rebel

28 November 2008 at 21:36

This is how we can fight:

1. Elections are coming, weed out all those who are openly sowing the seeds of hatred among Indians for fellow Indians.

2. Start a mass uproar like they did in the Jammu agitation a few months back. Why is the public of Mumbai silent. Why are the streets not filled with angry people who can show a mirror to this spineless government? How does the government know that we, the people are enraged over how the national security is being handled? We have to show them.

3. Bring this government down to its knees, time to force them to d something concrete about terror. These terrorists have slapped us in the face, and we cant just stay quiet, smarting under the insult. Access your politicians and change them if you feel they are not good enough for you, time to weed out these Lalu, Mulayam, Mayawati, Amarm, Karat, Bala and Raj .... Time to clean India of these scums !

My ideas may sound far fetched but it depends whether we are going to live like a lowlife or make a drastic change to our country, if you are skeptical about what you can do alone, then I tell you- Believe in the power of One!


29 November 2008 at 21:18

how can a common man resist these terrorists? they are striking everywhere. even on the public roads, no masks, firing at people blanklly.
here, only an efficent govt can do anything. right? these attacks are going to happen again and again. Our IB sucks.
i think, India still lacks motivated and spirited officials. And even if a few are there, what can a handful of them could do!! Hope the govt would see the big picture and not just the vote banks at the end of every five year!

**Lighting candles or changing your display pictures (I'm sorry guys but lets face it) isn't going to help. The government is going to see it nor are the future attackers** <--so true

  **ThE SiLeNt SouL**

30 November 2008 at 15:10

Nicely written...expressed, i should say....But Just one thing is boggling my mind, why every refernce is limited to MUMBAI? India. I.N.D.I.A. This is the body that suffers.....U cant expect your brain not to feel anything if your hand is cut off..........Right?

So i guess, its we INDIANS who need to do something...SOMETHING....ATLEAST.


30 November 2008 at 21:27

Finally someone who's honest! I have always had similar feelings about d mumbaikar's resilience. since ur blog seems to hav drawn a decent amount of traffic, i must say tht i'm glad that ur voice has a considerable audience...keep it goin..


2 December 2008 at 01:29

I am still numb, and yes I feel exactly the same way. But then again, what can I do? Selfishly I told "someone" , i do not want my kids to grow up in Bombay, no matter what. And oh Rash, how i love that city, but what spirit ? How can the soul help when the body is hurting ?

  Manu Akula

5 December 2008 at 10:36

Blah. Kuch nahi hone waala hai. Even a 9-11 wont help us. The politicians in the USA might be stupid but they are at least patriotic. Well, at least stupid and patriotic is better than being a smart ass and a sell out. Unfortunately that is the hand we have been dealt with.

I am planning to migrate to the North Pole to avoid all such BS. You can join me in my igloo if you want to.

  The Luscious one!

7 December 2008 at 13:26

Good show!!

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  Misty Rhythm

9 December 2008 at 17:45

i cant imagine wat it wud be like living in mumbai! i wud like to say that i admire your courage, blah blah...but truth is, i hope you dont have to need courage every time you walk out of home...people deserve to walk out..go to work...or college...work...have fun...and know that they'll come back home at the end of the day.
i think the "spirit of mumbai" is a weapon politicians n the media have deviced to glorify what shouldn't be glorified...to keep the country from panicking...and to get us used to the idea that such things will keep happening and no progressive measures will be taken...
glad you brought this issue up..


11 December 2008 at 03:28

Oh .. is it still not bleeding? I heard it sounded like Bombs .. I saw it seemed like Blood .. I felt it seemed like terror and tears ... Nice post and nicer comments ...

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