New Year.

It is my last post this year and yeah my 50th post too.  It was somewhere around this time last year that I decided to vent out my feelings to unknown  people who didn't know me but who would know my feelings. Now, a year later I reflect back to what has changed and what hasnt. A lot HAS changed and a lot still remains the same. I wonder whether 10 yrs down the line I will want to be in my shoes NOW just like I want to go back to 10 yrs back now.


If you'll ever meet your inner child, don't cry, no, no
Tell them everything is gonna be alright

(Bob Sinclair- Word Hold on)


This is what I want to say to myself as I get into this new year..  Its is going to be alright. Because I still am me. I will wait. I will let me be. I will cut myself some slack. I'm not perfect nor is anybody else. People make mistakes and so do I. I will trust even though the person in front chooses to break it because it is easier to mend that than to regret not trusting. Everything deserves one chance, most deserve two. I will give them that chance. Simply because I screw up too. I might get hurt and I might not want to go on but I will. Simply because I can. 



Happy New Year guys. I hope everyone gets a little more happiness than what they deserve.. Good Luck...




My rain

People sing you are my sunshine,

I say you are my rain.

The dry, patched earth waits

Just like I yearn for you.

The song-bird awaits

Just like I ache for you.

The monsoon arrives.

The earth rejoices,

The water from heaven

Freeing her from bonds unknown,

Takes her to a place

She has only dreamt of.

The song-bird sings

Of pleasures only she knows,

Her love is back

To fulfill every desire, her every wish.

The tree reborn,

Her life is new,

Nothing like she ever knew.

Nothing has changed.

Nothing is the same.

One day, I’m sure,

You’ll come too.

One day, I’m sure

I feel like them too.

One day, I’m sure,

You’ll be here to stay.

And like the rain,

You will not ever leave.

One day, I’m sure.



At the Lounge, we are having a story writing contest around the theme of rain.(For details,click here). So lately, my thoughts have centred aroung the theme of rain. The rain means so much for so many people which is very evident for the varied perspectives, I have read there. I too have written some stuff there for the contest and otherwise which you can read here

As about my this poem, I was in middle of a really boring chapter when I thought of this. I guess I should really start studying if it gives me inspiration for more poems :)

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11 years ago

It has been 11 years since I last heard your voice. 11 years, since I thought I never would lose you. 11 years since it was over. I didnt get to see while we said out goodbyes. We never did say our goodbyes. Eyes soon stopped crying but heart still bleeds. A big part of me was lost today, 11 years ago. 

Your BabyGirl.

It has been 11 years since I last heard your voice. You broke not only my heart but you took away my soul. This day has always been the worst in the year. Now you gave me more reason to hope hopelessly that this day will not come the next year. Another part of me was lost today, 11 years ago.

Your Pixie.