What you are to me!

Happiness dont impress me much
Its a nice place to be
Sadness is uncomfortable
It inspires.

Yet, now, I look 
Everywhere, at everything
For something, for someone
to inspire me.

I lost it, when
I lost you.
My penchant for
anything fine.

I wrote when with you,
I fought
I wrote when with you
I made sweet love.

I wrote always for you
Now, without you, there is 
No-one to fight, no-one to love
There is no inspiration.

The desperation, 
The frustration,
The inspiration I craved,
Numbness has been paved.

Whatever prevailed 
Whatever it was
It is no longer there
Just a void that you left.

Come back to fight
Come back in sight
Come back in my life
Come back, be my wife.

I loved you, I still do.
Selfish you were, still are.
I loved you, without a care.
You loved me, just as a muse.

Your penchant is lost
Took it with me, it seems
But it is that you miss.
Coz without it, you are in a fix.

Life is incomplete 
without inspiration. 
Is that all I mean
To thee?

Without me,
Your words lose meaning
With you,
My existance begins waning.

Come back to fight? 
Come back in sight?
If just you had asked me to
Come back to love!

Ps: Just in case I have to explain this, the first part is the guy talking and the next part is spoken by the girl! 

I hope no more explanation is needed! :)

Leo, A big thanks for the help!



4 February 2009 at 03:57

Well, nice read
after all, its a duet and I like it when it involves ... both the genders!!

The Boy spoke well ... keep it up!!


4 February 2009 at 12:48

i've read this before haven't i? ;)

loved it rashi! :) duet gaana on a rocky road!


4 February 2009 at 16:34

Without me,
Your words lose meaning
With you,
My existance begins waning.

been through this feeling ! nice :)

  Comfortably Numb

4 February 2009 at 20:25

Jesus. Brilliant poetry. And then you talk about that quality and quantity thing. Useless. Absolutely amazing. And you know that I realize that there is something more than just poetry to this post. And that is what amazes me. The ease with which you translate emotions. Translate what you think. Translate what is going around. Zero adulteration. Don't make me say more..or will you? :P

And on a lighter note..Inspiration...

Is that all I mean
To thee?

Shit man. Who says I dont inspire people. Thee. Yea thank you thank you :D


PS: Brilliant. Period


6 February 2009 at 06:56

Wonderful! To hav a poem that describes both sides of the coin and gives both the protagonists an equal voice is brilliant!
For me if the guys said that da gal was his inspiration that meant that she was da world to him! When he says that life is incomplete without inspiration he means he needs da gal to be with him foreva! If I were da guy the gal wld neva b just a muse! She wld b evrythng I cld eva dream of! My life! :)

  Usha Pisharody

7 February 2009 at 14:46

Nice structuring , and most especially the opening stanza really stands out for the way you give that edge to the theme... sadness inspires.. :)


13 February 2009 at 03:29

i am touched...