Manic Monday Meme

At Manic Monday, they asked,

What would you do with an extra hour each day?

Almost everyday, my grandmother tells me that I should have 36 hrs in the day, so that I can complete my work. You can see me work till 2 or 3 am at times too. (I'm bordering Type A personality and proud of it.) I make a list of things to be done everyday in the morning and try to get everything done. (I love lists) Now a days, since I have holidays, most things seem to go smoothly and have enough time to blog and talk friends too. But otherwise, sleep becomes a rare commodity and life is hectic. 

So, in the end if I had an extra hour, I would probably spend it with family because they are the ones who face the most brunt of my sleepless nights (and hence my sharp tongue).

Do you wear a watch? If so, tell us about it. If not, how do you keep track of time?

Most of the time, I do wear a watch but otherwise I use my phone to keep a track of time.

If it was possible, would you want to know how many days you had left to live?

Not at all. I want to think I would live forever and plan accordingly. I like my plans to be BIG. :)
For those who don't dream have nothing to look forward to...



9 March 2009 at 20:08

so true..

n i can soo relate to u..

hehe i pity my friends n flat mates because of tht.. as sometime ( err which is most of the time ) i am complete workoholic.. n get a tiny winny bit worried or stressed when things dont go as planned. :)


9 March 2009 at 20:13

you are so well organized.. i could learn a thing or two from you girl! :)


9 March 2009 at 23:10

gud one! who asked da questions?
Those who don't dream have nothing to look forward to....gr8! nt always true bt yeah!
U r at ur creative best!

  Akansha Agrawal

10 March 2009 at 09:54

Hmm... seriously well organised! I wouldn't be able to 'complete' my work even if I get 36 hrs in a day... :D

  Tushar Mangl

10 March 2009 at 14:29

Am I the only one who thinks that this blog is getting more active and beautiful, day by day???


11 March 2009 at 16:54

With an extra hour I would have worried the extra more....I work a lot as well as take lot of stress until deadlines are met.....