To all the virgos in my life!

Its that time of the year when there are birthdays all over!! I will wish them in the order that they came into this world (To prevent any biases)

Ajja- 2nd Sep

He is my Grandpa...The sweetest and the cutest.. He is brilliant at math. Trust me! I have learnt all/most of my math from him and my concepts are unshakable...Any mistakes I make I swear its all thanks to my stupidity...

So people raise your toast to MY GRANDFATHER!!! Happy Birthday, Ajju!!

Amma - 28th Aug

Oh what can I say to the epitome of patience, hardwork! Ahhh...Perfection personified.. If you have met her you would know what she is capable of doing..If you know me..My personality. She is the same 5 times worse :)
She is the best cook! Trust me on that! When asked to guess her age.. People always guess her to be 10 years younger than she actually is..Not because she looks young but because of the amount of work she does..Have me in the house is not an easy task people!!!

And Happy Birthday (Belated) to Marj and Ninitha who were also born on the same day as my grandmother. Women, I expect great things from you!!!

Dad-- 5th Sep

Hmmmm... I dont know when Baba became Dad and when asking you permission turned to became just telling you. But I do know that deep inside I will always be my daddy's little girl! He has taught me to be strong and independent.. But when I cant handle a problem, Im sure he will be the one I run to and I know Daddy will make everything ok. :)

Happy Birthday Dad!

Puru- 1st Sep

Well this day is doubly special :) What can I say about the guy born on this day? Rebel to the core... He is the only person I know who gives compliments that seem like insults! He is what the concept of Kalyan Mitr is all about. The one who isnt afraid to tell you the truth just because its bitter! Sheesh I could go on and on talking about you... After all you are on such a special day ;)

Heres wishing you MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY!! Even though you are miles away , I hope our weird, stupid friendship doesnt change! :)

MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS to all people and Hope you get all the love, happiness and success you deserve

Glimpses of the past

Today , I saw a glimpse of my past. Rather I heard it whisper. Like a sunbeam through the window, it brightened my day. It reminded me of the days gone by. When everything was beautiful and nothing seemed to be the problem. We sure did have problems back then. But now, when I look back, everything seems to be ok. This gives me the courage to carry on. Maybe it isnt that bad. Maybe when I look back tomorrow, it will all be OK.

This is to you NE... Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life. You will always be one of my closest friends. Talking to you makes me feel like everything is just a passing phase and I can really make it happen. Thanks in believing in me and thanks for being there ALWAYS :)

And even if I cant be there on this day.....


Since some asked me for an explanations to my previous poem. Even though I like to keep it free for interpretation, I decided maybe I can write a background for this 1.
The night that I wrote this, I was feeling rather hopeless and full of despair.Nothing was going as I wanted. I, personally, believe that hope makes the world go round and life can flip 180, if you just have the hope. But in that moment, I just wrote down what I felt and this is what came out of it. I haven't read it again because I might change the ending to a happier one, since Im myself again. But for the first time, I realise what despair must really feel like :)

Breathing. Walking.Talking.Laughing.
Numb. Can feel nothing. Living Zombie.
Each breath is a new breath.
No yesterday no tomorrow.
No past no future.
No hope.
Live each day as it comes.
That’s what I’m doing.
But then why does it feel so numb?
Bleed I do but no pain.
Cuts so deep that they go through.
But no pain.
Human, I’m no more.
Breathing. Walking.Talking.Laughing.
Numb. Can feel nothing. Living Zombie
People talk all around. I do hear.
But understand nothing.
Just words. No meaning.
Like life.
Just events. One after the day.