Comforting Nightmares…

Last night I had a dream. It was very scary in the beginning but then, it became comforting. I saw that there were blasts once again in the trains. The trains in which I was travelling. I was scared and petrified and there was blood all around. I was hurt too. I think I was down on the ground. My stomach was churning seeing all the blood around. That was the scary part. Suddenly, I heard my phone ring and your name flash on the screen. Now, this was the comforting part.
Will this have to happen for you to call me? I wonder.... I still have a chance in hell that one day, you'll call. Your pessimistic me turns optimistic. I hope!

PS: Even for selfish reasons, I don't wish that something that disastrous happens.. I hope never ever does any1 go through losing some1..


Ok. Dont expect me to be nice or to make sense. I had one of the worse days of my life. I'm late for my very first class. I hate making a bad 1st impression. I'm still at kurla at 6.10 when class starts at 6.15 at churchgate. Its impossible to reach there even though i'm in a fast train. Which i had to run to get. And in the process i bust my knee. Its throbbing. I'm scared to look at it. Its hurts that bad.

Sigh dadar approaching.

What do i tell my prof why am i late? Stupid auto driver somehow knew i was late hence decided he'll way outside the station and not near the ticket counter. Asshole.

What do i do? I'm sitting in the train venting out frustration on my mobile. Typing my woes away.

This is not all that is on my mind. I'm thinking what do you do if you are the best among a lot for a job but still not good enough? Do you take up the responsibility? Also if you are promoted from among yr peers. Do yr peers have the same respect for you like they do for yr boss? What changes?

Another totally unrelated thought is that arent friends supposed to make each other feel better? Is it a job? Does friendship come with a job description?

If you actually read this, you are crazy. But i love you.

Shit i'm late. Very very late. Will update with what happened in class. 6.20and at byculla = rashi majorly screwed..

Edit: Now it is 9.07 and I'm back. It was just the orientation..Phew! SO nothing major happened. Btw, I super excited about my class. Tmrw, it is PR then it is Media planning, then Advertising Planning, Copy Writing, blah blah... I was sooooo excited on seeing the timetable. I met some1 I knew from Xaviers. I was expecting to know no1, so it came as a surprise. But then, we realised we were in 2 different classes.So that is that :( But anyway, it feels like an adventure. More updates coming back. Hopefully, I should not be late tomorrow.


I wish I could prove
that I truly am lucky.
Lucky just to know you
and more so to be yours.
I'm lucky that you held me
close to your heart.
I'm lucky that your care
even an ounce belongs to me.
I'm lucky that you think of me,
even more that you love me.
I'm lucky that I had my fingers
entangled in yours, more than once.
I'm lucky that it was me, you
didn't wanna let go.
I'm lucky that it hurts you
to let me go.
Why o why, is my luck, then
fading away?

Broken Glass

I feel I just cant write anymore. So I'm posting something I wrote a really long time ago! :)

My heart may be broken,
Shattered and in pieces.
Your concern to join them
Until the pain ceases
Has me in tears full of joy
For once again, I found
Someone I can trust, love
who wont let threads unwound.

The threads of friendship
Are stronger than of love.
A kiss on the lip
or holding hands
Mean nothing if
my heart continues to chip.
You give me reason
to celebrate life
with every of its season.

Thank you, friend
For finding those petals dry
Thank you, friend
For giving me the shoulder to cry.
Than you , friend
For catching every tear,
For making it better.
For banishing every fear.

Broken glass may not be beautiful again,
But when I have a friend like you
Nothing feels like pain.
My broken heart may not be the same,
You have a special place in there,
It has been better since you came.
It will love, it will mend
Because I have you as my friend.

Inspired by what Shweta wrote here

I want...yes, I want!

Tired of saying that I'm selfless,
I want it all.
I want the stars in your eyes,
I want that smile to be for me.
I want the day to go by,
The seasons to fly,
I want years to roll,
With your hand in mine.
I want your eyes on mine,
I want your lips on mine,
I want to be lost,
Lost in you.
I want you to make me forget
All care, apprehensions.
And remember just you,
Just us.
I want you to make me
Believe in fairy tales once again.
I want you to shut me up
Each time I regress in my ways.
I want to be the reason you
Think life is beautiful.
I want to be the crazy girl
You'll talk to our kids about.
I want to not be selfless anymore.
I want you to make me selfishly
be in love with you.

Ps: Yes, I'm a "rich" girl who knows just how to say I want!

Rebel and the muse

"Stars, I want,

The moon, I want.
Rebel, I am,
The unthinkable, I want."

"For you, stars, I want,
For you, the moon I want.
By you, I shall stand
But the unthinkable, I am not.
Rebel you are, simple I am.
Challenge to you, I pose not.
Hence it is me that you want not. "

Make a difference

MAD they told me, I was
Attempting  the impossible, the unachievable,
Kind were those who didn't laugh
Even crazier who joined me in my quest.
Attainable seemed the goal, with company
Destiny became changeable and malleable
I became we, the doers
First came obstacles, then success
Frustrations and smiles too.
Emerging like a phoenix were a million dreams
Resurrecting hope and wishes
Eliminating despair and pain.
Never is a dream crazy, always MAD
Cease to dream is to cease living
Every dream is possible in the eyes of a believer.

This is an acrostic about one of my favourite things, Make A Difference. I love being a part of something so amazing. Click on MAD above to know more about it! :)

Though it doesnt even begin to completely describe what MAD is all about, it is what MAD means to me!  Dreams of doing something, dreams of changing the world, dreams of becoming a better person!