A love story

There I was being convinced by a friend to come to a party.I didnt know anybody there but seemed like it was going to be fun.I agreed.Dolled up and heart pounding, I entered, people seemed nice, the music was nice too.My heart started coming back to normal when all of a sudden it missed a beat. I saw HIM.It was really HIM.I saw him and I just knew it was meant to be.HE just seemed so perfect , so amazingly perfect for ME. My friend introduced US. HE smiled.That angelic smile with a glint in his eyes.WE spoke and that was it.

He called me the next day.I had no idea he had my number.We went away that weekend and spent 2 days together.It was beautiful. People would say I was stupid to go away with a person I barely knew.But I knew him. I trusted him. I loved him. Oh My God.I loved him. But it felt nice.It was a match made in Heaven. I continued to meet him everyday. We fought. We laughed.We cried. We were US. He was everything I wanted and more.I tailor made all my future plans according to him.He didn't ask me to.I just did. He made me smile. He made me laugh.He gave me everything I could ask for , sometimes before me asking. He gave me friends too. Amazing ones.

I cant even describe how much I have changed since I met him. I have really changed. It was perfect. And now that I think of it : TOO PERFECT TO BE TRUE. Why? Because he changed or maybe he didnt. But he didnt want me anymore. He didnt want the strong person that I was . He wanted those bimbos. He didnt want the constructive criticism I used to give.He wanted a girl who would laugh and cry on cue. He didnt want someone who would stand upto him. He wanted someone who would agree to everything he said. He didnt want someone who would speak their mind. He wanted someone who couldnt/wouldnt think.He didnt want ME . He wanted HER.

HER who was my friend. I introduced them. I let them hang together. We all took a trip together. It was in that trip that I began to realise. But I chose to ignore. Which couples dont have their not-so-good moments? But then once when He chose her over everyone else present I realised it was not just a moment between US , it was a moment between THEM. There SHE was gloating in front of the world about how he had chosen HER and I slipped to the curtains, distancing myself to hide my tears.Why did he see her tears? Why couldnt he see mine? I was there longer. I cared more. I loved HIM more.We came back and I tried my best to get things back to normal but it didnt.I tried and tried but it didnt.

Today : I have finally let go. I gave back all the things I had that belonged to HIM.EVERYTHING!!! I came to know yesterday that HE has finally moved in with HER.THEY are starting a new life together. I'm happy for THEM. But in the end , its MY kids that will suffer!!!

Ps : It may or may not be fictional .It may or may not be about you. :D But its from MY heart!!There are very few people who are going to understand the story the way I meant it to be! Otherwise enjoy it just as a story !!!

Mothering ???

I saw Juno a couple of weeks back and what struck me most about the movie was the ending.For those who havent watched it yet.Juno is a a movie about a 16 yr old girl getting pregnant and how she decides to give it up to adoption to this childless couple Mark and Vanessa.

In the ending, they show that Mark feels like he isnt ready for a baby and decides to divorce Vanessa to fulfil his dreams of being a "rockstar"(I think)...Anyway, now Vanessa is all ready to have a child but with no husband will Juno give it to her? Wouldnt want to give a "normal" family to the kid and then they show that Juno writes a note to Vanessa saying 'Im still in if you are in'...And then the baby boy is actually given to her.And why not?

Some people are just born to be parents.They just have it in them.They instinctively know what to do and how to behave with kids.Its so cute when they are with kids.They love kids and kids love them.Its a match made in heaven.They say parenting is one of the toughest things one has to do in their lifetime but to these people it just comes naturally!
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Maybe you have some friends like this.You keep asking if you have cold just cause you sneezed :) They can generally instictively tell if you are under the weather even all they have heard is you say hello on the phone. They will shout at you for being online too long and not getting enough sleep even though they themselves are online till wee hours of the night.They remember weird details of your life like something you told them as a passing comment..Something like your dogs birthday :D

Can you see the look in the woman's eye(In the picture)? Its so nice, so warm, so caring !!!! :)

But there are also people who behave less mature than their actual ages...Like small kids ..Dumbwits..And most often these are girls.They get on your nerves and then have this coy Im so innocent look on their face which is so IRRITATING.I cant stand them.

I think its better to be more mature than your age than you be less mature. What say???

To a very special person

I have been blogging a lot about random things and people ..But as it was pointed out I have left out an important aspect or rather a person of this blog and today I would like to introduce you all to a person who has gained so much importance in my life all of sudden in the past 6months

Well this is about my sweetest brother, Akash. Its his birthday this week and I suddenly realised that my relationship with him has changed so much in this 1 year.He has become a great friend from my little baby. :)

Now that he is growing up (He is going to be 15 on the 28th) the once different opinions and everything seem to becoming more more subtle.We enjoy each other's company and seeing VH1 or listening to music on the Ipod, commenting on sad RJ on the radio and the dumb blondes on TV.He is the reason I can have a decent conversation with any guy about any sport including cricket, soccer or F1.He is the reason I know the difference between the Gunner , the Red Devils .Its due to him I know what A1 racing is.Its thanks to him I know that never ever in the presence of someone else will I call Manchester United -ManU rather will call it ManUtd.

We are as different as chalk and cheese .But now thats the best part of us.He still irritated the crap out of me.But then again if he didnt then what would be the use of having a sibling??? :)

Akash this is to you :D Love you loads!!


I have been having a dumb writer block for the past 2 weeks and I attribute this to my mind being suddenly empty post exams.... But I decided to get over this today itself and then came the big question..What do I write about??

Well I could write about my discussion with Kushal about relationships. We were discussing how one can put every relationship in our life into 3 categories : Relationship that are their for a reason, relationships that are there for a season and relationships that last a lifetime.. But thats for another time (Not feeling like rambling about relationships today)

Hmm..I could write about how I saw 2 chick flicks this week and loved the guys in the movies...

Or maybe how dumb the guy in the theater next to me was ...Seriously...!!!!!

And then IT happened.... This is for all the guys out there waiting to ask a girl out...STOP BEING SO DESPERATE...I was rudely awakened by a call today asking for some random Ryan and so I just assumed it was a wrong number and said so and slammed the phone down. Half an hour later I get a message from the number saying "May I know who this is?" ...I dont reply..

In the evening, I get another message from the same number saying , " Hi...Im Mohit..Can I be your phone friend ??" ..Following which I got 4 forwarded messages...

Seriously how desperate can people be!!! Another incident that somehow comes to my mind is when I was at the supermarket the other day..I generally shop on Sunday and whenever Im there , there is a guy I meet everyday and the place is nearly empty..And now considering we have "meeting" each other every week for the past 3-4 months, we smile.. (Familiarity Principle....Psychology refuses to get out of my brain) So when I went there last sunday , there was a small girl tagging along.. As usual, I smiled at him and since the girl was there too I smiled at her too..After a while of shopping whilst I was checking out...The small girl comes up to me and says , " Chachu wants to know what your name is !!!!"

What the hell!!! It seemed like a scene from the stupid romantic movies!!! Ahhhh...

So now that I think I have gotten rid of my block!!! I think I can start making sense AGAIN!!

Une belle historie (TAG)

This post is a tag all thanks to Pranay

It goes like this:

Put your MP3 player/Media player on shuffle.
For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
You must write the name of the song no matter what.

So let the games (tag) begin..

1. If someone says "Is This Okay?" you say?

U2 with or without you...

Hmmmm I guess that means OK!!

2. What would best describe your personality?

The Temptations - My girl

I dont think many people know this song...but its a complete Im a Daddy's girl kinda song which I'm so...

3. What do u like in a guy/girl?

Kiss Kiss - Holly Valence

(No comments **Blush**)

4. How do u feel today?

Kiss me- Six pence none the richer


5. Whats your life's purpose?

Avril Lavigne - My happy ending

Hmmm Dont we all aim for just that..

6. What is your motto?

Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

Yeah Baby , Paint it all BLACK

7. What do your friends think of you?
Lionel Richie- Angel


8. What do u think of your parents?

Celine Dion - Because you Loved me

Totally believe in the lyrics of this song and yeah its dedicated to my parents

9. What do u think about very often?

Plain White Ts - Hey there Delilah

Don't you worry about the distance I'm right there if you get lonely. it's what you do to me (thats the lyrics of the song :FYI)

10. What is 2+2??

Coldplay - Yellow

Addition gives us a colour...hehe

11. What do u think of your best friend?

3 Doors Down Here without you

So damn true!!! NEeeee......Just come back!!!

12. What do you think of the person U like?

Celine Dion and Luciano Pavaroti - I love you then I hate you!!

So damn true.!!! I dont what to say!!!

13. What is your life story?

Police - Every Step you take..

So Im gonna be a stalker???

14. What do u want to be when you grow up?

Daniel Powter- You had a bad day

Yeah me going to be the person you are going to come when you have a bad day ie a psychologist!!!

15. What do think when you see the person u like?

U2 - Hold me Thrill me Kiss me

Nothing to say!!!But I would expect at least a hug!!! ;)

16. What do ur parents think of you?

Diana King- I say a prayer for you!


17. What will you dance to at your wedding?

Save the last dance for me - Elvis Presley

Thats nice

18. What will they play at ur funeral?

Evanescence - My Immortal


19. What is your hobby/Interest?

Michael Buble- Sway

So I like to sway???

20. What is your biggest secret?

When you love somebody- Bryan Adams

Dont know how to connect this to the question...Any ideas?

21. What do u think of ur friends?

Aint no mountain high enough (OST : Stepmom)

Yeah people you just cant rid of me!! :D

22. What do u post this as?

Michael Fugain : Une belle histoire ( a beautiful story)

Seriously this was fun!! and it was made even funnier by Vin sitting right next to me...Passing his absolutely wonderfully sarcastic comments!!!:)

Fed up......

This post is dedicated to a very sweet friend of mine called Palash... Palash and I were talking basically about all the things I'm frustrated about and he said well if you have a post on your favourite things why not all the things that you are frustrated about....

So here goes...

Fed up of controversies
Fed up of barbie dolls
Fed up of waiting for your calls
Fed up of everything pink
Fed up of people who can't think
Fed up of power hogs
Fed up of all those who just lie there like logs
Fed up of those who cant be kind
Fed up of those who dont speak their mind
Fed up of everything sweet
Fed up of trying to perfect and neat
Fed up of waiting for life to start
Fed up of wanting to eat chocolate tart :)
Fed up of rhymes
Fed up of hate crimes
Fed up of people with no heart
Fed up of spending time apart
Fed up of trying to find my niche
Fed up of wanting to bake a perfect quiche ;)
Fed up of not knowing what I want
Fed up of all ghosts that still haunt
Fed up of psychology
Fed up of all the lies
Fed up of being the second best
Fed up of always being put to test
Fed up of not being what I want
Fed up of feeling like I'm caught
Fed up of being misunderstood
Fed up of always being sane
Fed up of my efforts going in vain
Fed up of being judged
Fed up of not being valued
Fed up of losing people
Fed up of not realizing my own worth
Fed up of being misinterpreted
Fed up of missing someone..
Fed up of just being ME..

Yeah the list is longer than the list of things that i like but thankfully I have got great friends and family to be my support....... So Guys THANKS A LOT for just being there...