Its getting tough

They told me it would tough. I said I was tough too.
You warned me it wont be easy. I replied you dont know me yet.
It's getting tough. I can feel the heat.
I can feel the emotions inside me swell.
I tell myself I can go on. But I dont want to. I have to.
There is so much at stake.I cant go back now.
I'm a different person than what I was.
I pretended to be strong. I pretended to be something I'm not.
People have done this before. I tell myself.
But its tough. Really tough.
I want it all.The whole deal.
This is just an amuse bouche.
It sucks.
This is what I signed up for, but this isnt what I want.
Kinda like not liking what you order at a restaurant.
Take it with a pinch of salt.
"Hell, this aint food.This is life. Your's and someone's too.
This aint a joke. Weren't you forewarned?
Didn't you know it wasn't going to be normal?"
Give up.Give in.COWARD.
This aint me. I have to make this work.
Be more secure.Be less me.
Cry less. Think less. Trust more.
I wanted this. I want this.
Life isnt a bed of roses. You get the thorns too.
It not going to be like this for long.
I dont want this. I need this.
I dont deserve this.
Give up. Give in.
Wait and watch.
Make it work.
Accept yourself, accept it the way it is.
Accept life!

Another story....

Part 2 of the story is now here

They always knew that theirs was a special friendship. Weird, some would call it. Undefinable. Lovely.

He always called her a wild cat. And yes, she was. Free-spirited. Carefree, yet confused and meek. High walls all around with no door to enter. Everyone thought she was an open book . Everyone except him.

He was independent and mature. Soft-spoken yet radical. A store of(useless , as she called it) knowledge. An introvert at the core.

Together they were everything you wouldn't expect an ideal couple to be. They would argue and bicker. They would talk about politics and fight because they had radically different views. They shared their birthdays.

Theirs wasnt a story from the movies. They weren't Harry and Sally(When Harry met Sally) or Joe and Kathleen (You got mail).They didn't click at once, as a good romantic book would have you believe. They met and were friends for a long time. They were friends when both of them were "involved" with other people. Life has weird ways of getting things done.

It was 3 years since they had met online. Then they got lost in the webs of time. Suddenly, 1 month ago, he saw her online and for reasons he still cant explain, he decided to "ping" her. She replied in her vibrant self. They spoke. They caught up on what they had missed in the past years. He had been single for some time now and she has just gathered herself after a long serious relationship. But at that precise moment, it didn't matter. They started talking everyday. Everyday for long hours.They would stay up till 4 AM chatting. They would email each other when he was at work and the messenger was blocked.

They realised it was going somewhere. But where?

(This is the true life story of people I know ;) If you know who Im talking about..SHUT UP :)...So Im hoping this story will have continued parts unlike my other stories...So people involved please take the story ahead...Selfish, aint I?)

An Ode

This is my first ever poem. I wrote this after I saw an interview of a girl who had lost everything in the Tsunami... Found this after a long time so I decided to post it..(as it is it was high time I posted something..If not new , then old)

Standing in the garden,
she whispers to a bee,
"O Bee, how can you be so free?"
"From flower to flower you dive,
But at dusk,
Return you do to your home , to your hive."

Standing in the garden,
she whispers to a sunflower,
"O Flower, how can you be so free?"
"From morn to twi, you follow the sun around,
But at dusk,
Return you do to your home, to your ground. "

Standing in the garden,
she whispers to a bird,
"O Bird, how can you be so free?"
"Gathering worms as a quest,
But at dusk,
Return you do to your home, to your nest. "

Standing in the garden,
she whispers to herself,
"O Thy, why can't I be so free?"
"Day by day grows this urge to know,
But at dusk,
Where is the place I have to go? "

"No home to return to,
No one to turn to."