I want...yes, I want!

Tired of saying that I'm selfless,
I want it all.
I want the stars in your eyes,
I want that smile to be for me.
I want the day to go by,
The seasons to fly,
I want years to roll,
With your hand in mine.
I want your eyes on mine,
I want your lips on mine,
I want to be lost,
Lost in you.
I want you to make me forget
All care, apprehensions.
And remember just you,
Just us.
I want you to make me
Believe in fairy tales once again.
I want you to shut me up
Each time I regress in my ways.
I want to be the reason you
Think life is beautiful.
I want to be the crazy girl
You'll talk to our kids about.
I want to not be selfless anymore.
I want you to make me selfishly
be in love with you.

Ps: Yes, I'm a "rich" girl who knows just how to say I want!

Rebel and the muse

"Stars, I want,

The moon, I want.
Rebel, I am,
The unthinkable, I want."

"For you, stars, I want,
For you, the moon I want.
By you, I shall stand
But the unthinkable, I am not.
Rebel you are, simple I am.
Challenge to you, I pose not.
Hence it is me that you want not. "

Make a difference

MAD they told me, I was
Attempting  the impossible, the unachievable,
Kind were those who didn't laugh
Even crazier who joined me in my quest.
Attainable seemed the goal, with company
Destiny became changeable and malleable
I became we, the doers
First came obstacles, then success
Frustrations and smiles too.
Emerging like a phoenix were a million dreams
Resurrecting hope and wishes
Eliminating despair and pain.
Never is a dream crazy, always MAD
Cease to dream is to cease living
Every dream is possible in the eyes of a believer.

This is an acrostic about one of my favourite things, Make A Difference. I love being a part of something so amazing. Click on MAD above to know more about it! :)

Though it doesnt even begin to completely describe what MAD is all about, it is what MAD means to me!  Dreams of doing something, dreams of changing the world, dreams of becoming a better person! 

Her perfect day!

It was 1.40 am and she smiled as she herself into her cosy blanket. When she slept last night, she couldn't have imagined how perfect her today was. 

When she slept last it was with a heavy heart and her silent phone kept aside. He wouldnt call today. He was going away on a business trip and wouldnt be disturbing her for quite some time. Disturbing her? Sigh! She woke up with a jolt in the morning. Maybe a dream but she didnt remember it. She check her phone for the time. 6 miss calls and 2 messages? Work maybe. Nonetheless she checked. It was him. 

The 1st message read, " Woah! The airhotesses are hot." 
The 2nd said," I'm getting bored here and you arent even picking up my calls. :("

She jumped off her bed and called him. Damn the damn signal. Couldnt hear him properly. A series of msges followed. All day long. Something or other happened and he would either call or msg. He didnt do that when he was in town but who's complaining, eh?

Soon, it was time for a very important meeting. Her first presentation at her new work place. She had never done anything like that. But somehow she was relaxed. She was still the nervous wreck that she always was but calm and smiling. She did amazingly well in what she has sought out to do. She came out all smiles and gave him a call.

"I did it," She screamt into the phone. He just laughed and said, " Congratulations, darling." 
"Ok. Lemme call office and tell them we got it. Bye see you. Take care."

She came back home. Happy and relaxed. She heated the dinner and sat to check her email. And saw him online. If this were a cartoon, her eyes would have popped out at the computer screen. They chatted for quite some time. In a while, he said she had put him in a better mood than when they started talking. 

She sat back reflecting the day, when her brother came running into the room screaming that it rained. The first monsoon showers. Today couldnt get any more perfect she thought. Touch wood.

As she took the blanket over her head, she didn't wanna sleep fearing this might not be there when she wakes up! 

Oh please dont wake me!
The dream is oh so pretty.
I know I'll have to wake
Someday, sometime.
But not today,
Let me sleep a lil while longer
Oh please dont wake me.
The dream is oh so pretty.
Just you and me 
And not a care in the world,
Love all around
No distances,
None between us.
All dreams true
Some more to go.
Oh please don't wake me
The dream is oh so pretty!

Gnite world. Have a happy day! Yes, for the first time in my life, I have actually blogged twice in 24 hrs :)

Oh this is also a post with most number of tags... I think I'm high now! Hope I never come down! :D

Smile Please

Is there one smile in the world that means the world to you? I would to do anything to see a smile on the faces of certain people in my life. They are few, they are true. 

Today, I think I managed to bring a smile to the face of one such important person. Just a message that said you helped me sleep peacefully today made feel, well I cant even describe what I feel! Top of the world seems like an understatement too.

Keep that smile on, darling. Forever and ever :)

I have been singing Pal pal teri yaad sataye o Piya, all thanks to Prats all evening now! Now that too brings a smile! Sigh! (the happy one)

Rashi the ranter!

Sometimes I wonder, if when you love someone can it truly be a complete waste. Is there anyone in this world who doesn't deserve your love? Can we love people who cheat us, who beat us, who even abuse us? If we can't stop loving them, what do we do?

What happens when love instead of making you a better person, makes you a worse person? Starts causing pain? 

I agree that love isn't ideal always. There is definitely a break-point, isn't there? My naive self and my "experienced" self are in a constant feud. Sometimes, this one winning and sometimes the other one. 

Love, definitely isn't what I thought when I was 16. I know, probably, I will read this when I'm 25 or 30 and laugh at this stupid idea in my head. Or maybe I will be fighting the same battle. That actually sparks off another thought in my head. One of self-discovery. 

One problem most teens can identify is that of "finding themselves". Who am I? What is my personality? But do these questions really end with teenage? I doubt. I have given trying to figure out who I'm. All I know is that I'm complex and sometimes, unpredictable. 

Phew! Now, that I have ranted it all out, I feel better :D

Not all promises are meant to be broken

It was 5.30 pm. The doctor's anesthesia was just beginning to work and I was starting to lose control over my thoughts. The past came back to me. I remembered telling him that when I would be in the hospital, I would want no flowers or no Get-well-soon cards. I would want books, loads of them, so that I wouldnt get bored. If he could slip my laptop in with a net connection, that would be the most wonderful thing.

I remembered him telling me first to shut up and then promising me that he would be there with me throughout. He would be there if and when I was in the hospital. He promised he would read the newspaper out to me and would bring me home cooked food because hospital food can suck.

As I closed my eyes, I thought to myself promises are meant to be broken. 

It was 4pm, when I opened my eyes. My room was filled with white lilies , my favourite. The trance was over. The hurt was over too. I looked to see an empty room. I sighed. I saw the door of the room open. I saw my present come in with the doctor. I saw the concerned look on his face. He looked tired. I saw his face light up when he saw me. I could sense that he wanted to hug me. But then, he let the doctor examine me. I saw that his face never felt mine. 

When the doctor was done telling me what a scare I had given all, I looked around and saw that he wasnt around. I tried to sit up but couldn't. I felt dread. I looked at the slight noise that came from the door. I saw him struggling with a large heap of books. I couldn't help but laugh.

He kept the myriad of books down and I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that sheepish grin on his face. 

I felt awake and thought to myself ... 

Not all promises are meant to be broken!!!