Long Distance?

Does a long distance relationship (LD) work? Don't care to ask me how this thought struck me, but it did on a lazy Tuesday afternoon..

I, for one, believe that every relationship and I truly mean every relationship has a chance , provided the 2 people in it are committed to make it work irrespective of any differences. I have seen the most unlikely couple sticking it out for decades and also the meant to be high school sweethearts who went ahead fixed a wedding date after dating for 7 years and visiting a premarital counselor i.e doing "everything" right calling off their wedding 2 months prior to the D-day.

And coming back to the topic and stopping all the silly rambling..Yes, I do believe that a LD can work. It had additional problems that a couple has to overcome. Not being to meet for long amounts of time, not being able to hug when you need it the most would seriously complicate matters..But there is one thing that conquers it all- Trust.

Trust that the person in front loves you. Trust that your SO (significant other) wants to be with you just as much. Trust that even though he is with his friends enjoying on a Saturday evening and you are stuck studying at home, he would give anything to be with you at that instant. :) [Wow,
Im a romantic] Oh yeah, Trust that he isnt taking his friend seriously when she says, " Its not going to work between you two." :x  (Inside joke, Sorry)

I think the main problem with a LD is that it cant be casual enough or serious enough. Well how can it be casual if you can't have dates etc etc. You need a level of commitment to be able to pull that off.  It can't be serious enough simply because when you don't have an idea how the person in real time. What if they wear purple pants and green shirts (Ok..I know its superficial but still...), maybe they have 17 piercings on their face(Yes, I have seen such people) And if you have met them online, there is an added risk that they arent what they say (58 year old grandfather of 4, perhaps??

But I think LDs are great when there is a level of commitment already in the relationship, when the 2 people in question have already been together for some time, they know each other, then there is no reason to call it off just because one of the two are moving away.

So, what are your thoughts on LDs? Have you been in one? Would you been in one? 

*Uff..Long post, I'm tired :P


As a child, I want to be special,
I wanted life to have something extra.
Maybe, I would grow up to realise
that I was a magician.
Maybe, when I would be 12, 
I would be told of my powers,
My true calling.
As I grew up,I realised,
It made more sense 
To live in this world, the real world.
But somewhere, deep in my heart,
I hoped, I wished.
To leave all this behind. 
And to go somewhere where 
I belonged.
This was temporary, not true.
Maybe Neverland.
Maybe someday, Peter Pan
Would appear and whisk me away.
I hoped.
As I grew, I came to terms.
I came to realise,
I would be special,
I'm special 
In at least some one's life.
Do you know why, then,
It hurts to know,
I'm no more than just one more.

Story part 2

Ok finally part 2 of the TRUE story (Part 1 is here)..Since, I know more from the girl's point of view..I'll write it her version of it..I would appreciate the guy giving me a few details too...That would make the story more complete and I will get a little gossip :P

So, there was no denying there was chemistry..Yeah no denying..Speaking till late at night. Really late till around 4 am when she had to be at work at 9.30..She would be sleepy all day at work but when night fell, her sleepiness disappeared because she knew he would be online. 

He was a person involved with his work. But suddenly, he longed to be home asap because someone was waiting for him. 

Then, she had to go away for 3 days with her family. To a place with no phone network. The first thought in her mind was :" I wont be able to talk to him for 3 whole days." This thought made her heart sink. But then, she also knew that this was an apt opportunity to know whether he liked her too. Would he miss her? Would he say that he had missed her? Would he say anything at all? These were the questions that kept plaguing her throughout the trip. That and the fact that she kept imagining how wonderful it would be seeing the sunset with him on the beach (That is where the family had gone to)

And then she came back..She came to a message from him and a simple scrap in her orkut profile. It simply said : "Missing :(" . And that cleared everything in her head. Well in a way, here was a person she had never met but known for 3 yrs. But known through the internet. Does that even count as knowing? He could be a psychokiller! Or worse! But what is worse than a psycho killer? But that was far away. She didnt even know whether he liked her back. The BIG question: "DOES HE EVEN LIKE ME?"

Twisted Poem- Dont let me forget

This is my twist to the poetry written by Charu 
As she says here,writers have phases and sadly, she is in a sad phase. I was in it when I started writing this blog. It used to be that I used to write only to vent out my feelings..Now, thanks to alot of changes, the same changes I was afraid of, the very same changes I was apprehensive of have turned things around for me. I don't feel sad anymore, not that much. I feel much more secure, loved. I'm hopeful and hopelessly in love with life! 

Don't let me forget the smile you bring to me,
As I've forgotten to smile without you now.
Don't let me forget all the fights I have had with you,
As I'm learning life isn't all about the smiles.
Don't let me forget all the fun we have together,
As it keeps me hopeful of the times to come.
Don't let me forget all the conversations we had,
As just the memory of your voice makes me smile.
Don't let me forget the way you hold my hand,
As it sends a shiver through my spine.
Don't let me forget the care you always shower on me,
As I never want it to change.
Don't let me forget the need I feel of opening my heart to you,
As I never want to have any walls from you.
Don't let me forget the comfort we have between us,
As I want that forever and ever.
Don't let me forget all the promises you made to me,
As I trust you keep each and every one of them.
Don't let me forget the blind trust i have in you,
As you are the only one I can.
Don't let me forget the close friend I have in you,
As its the basis of all we share.
Don't let me forget anything…..
As that is whats keep me going through this distance, this separation...


Suppose that your friend and you are at the beach. Your friend doesn't know how to swim and you do. You see that the sea is a little rough and decide that you shouldn't go into the water..Simply because your friend doesn't know how to swim but still your friend disagrees and goes in. Now, your friend is drowning (Touch wood)..What will you do? Start shouting at your friend for not listening to you? Start dancing on the I-told-you-so tune? Or try to save him?

I know it is probably a very stupid analogy. But then imagine that someone you truly care about didn't take your advice and is now repenting it. As a friend, will you make them feel worse by pointing out their mistake? Trust me, they already feel bad. When some1 comes to you with a problem, please fight the impulse of giving advice or pointing out the obvious.They already know it. Make them feel better. Spread a bit of cheer. Make them feel a little hopeful. You need hope in life and that is all there is to life- HOPE..

Btw, it is proven fact that depressed people are not cynics or pessimists rather there were realists(Yeah, I actually pay attention in my abnormal class ).Being realist is a good thing, I guess. But then when a person is down in the dumps, give them a hand to pull them out and don't show them the reason they are there...

Thoughts in my head...

If you know me, you will know that the thoughts in my head are processed at a speed faster than light...For a change, today, due to my ill health (I love the way this word sounds), I actually CAN think slowly..So here goes..

I HAVE to start studying
I should find some1 to give away my computer
I love you, Hobbesee...
I'm 2o....
Counselling book is front of me..Maybe I can switch of the laptop and start reading/studying..
Naa..Too sick/tired
I wish Hobbesee was here :(
I'm 20. I should be more responsible...
Maybe I should just clean my room...Its so messy...
Too lazy to get up
I'm 20..I should grow up and do things on my own
Ahhh Im tired...
Tmrw is Daddy's bday!
I want to talk to Hobbesseee...
No..I should behave more mature..I'm 20...
Farhan Akhtar in Rock On reminds me of Aashu! Hmmmm.... Aashu..Be nicer to your wife!
Sooooo..My bday is over ...Boooohhoooo...But my friends made it so special..MWAH!
Why do they have to play the drums sooooo loud???
Maybe I should really pick up my book and start studying for a while......