Twisted Poem- Dont let me forget

This is my twist to the poetry written by Charu 
As she says here,writers have phases and sadly, she is in a sad phase. I was in it when I started writing this blog. It used to be that I used to write only to vent out my feelings..Now, thanks to alot of changes, the same changes I was afraid of, the very same changes I was apprehensive of have turned things around for me. I don't feel sad anymore, not that much. I feel much more secure, loved. I'm hopeful and hopelessly in love with life! 

Don't let me forget the smile you bring to me,
As I've forgotten to smile without you now.
Don't let me forget all the fights I have had with you,
As I'm learning life isn't all about the smiles.
Don't let me forget all the fun we have together,
As it keeps me hopeful of the times to come.
Don't let me forget all the conversations we had,
As just the memory of your voice makes me smile.
Don't let me forget the way you hold my hand,
As it sends a shiver through my spine.
Don't let me forget the care you always shower on me,
As I never want it to change.
Don't let me forget the need I feel of opening my heart to you,
As I never want to have any walls from you.
Don't let me forget the comfort we have between us,
As I want that forever and ever.
Don't let me forget all the promises you made to me,
As I trust you keep each and every one of them.
Don't let me forget the blind trust i have in you,
As you are the only one I can.
Don't let me forget the close friend I have in you,
As its the basis of all we share.
Don't let me forget anything…..
As that is whats keep me going through this distance, this separation...



7 September 2008 at 14:26

heya baby..
Must say u did a commendable Job..its Beautiful..Encapsulates the essence of love..

  Comfortably Numb

7 September 2008 at 22:36

Shameless plagiarism...lmao. I wasn't kidding. I was kidding in the previous line. But not in the next to the first. :|

I like the way you rearranged it a bit. Sometimes I feel that maybe there is something more to love. And each time i read/write something about it...its just increasing :P

A lovely post.


PS: Please try to be original in the future...BWAHAHHAHAHAHA XD

  Comfortably Numb

7 September 2008 at 22:36

^^^^^^ Kidding!!!! NOT!!!! XD


8 September 2008 at 05:43

Rashi, dont listen to him.

It was great, the first four lines were quite nice and the end.. and the line where you tells him to not let ou forget the way he holds your hand.. and that it sends a shiver down your spine.

I liked it :)


2 October 2008 at 04:36

this was so amazing good work! I'm almost speachless. you're a very good writer. it was so good, that had to write it down in my "blackbook" omg